Now that daylight lasts for approximately 45 minutes a day, temperatures have dropped, and your nose has begun to run it is time to consider how to protect yourself from all of the bugs floating around your office building. Here is our handy guide to avoiding illness if living in a plastic bubble isn’t an option for you.


Regularly clean high-traffic items on your desk. Your phone and keyboard computer should get extra attention- but really just wipe down your entire desk with antibacterial wipes (dry dusting won’t help- you’ll just spread germs around). We advise doing this every other day.

Take care of your immune system. Get adequate sleep, get your flu shot, wash your hands frequently, and take your vitamins. The best defense against getting sick is a strong immune system. If you keep yours healthy you will greatly reduce your risk of catching illnesses.

Please keep all diseases to yourself. The last thing your office needs is more germs running through it- because by the time you’re over it everyone else will be infected and it will be a never ending cycle. Stay home when you’re sick- if something is critical you can do it remotely.

Sub your coffee for tea. With all of the great rest that you’re getting you won’t even need an extra caffeine boost. According to this recent study published online in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, tea drinkers are 5x more likely  than coffee drinkers to have immune boosting alkylamines in their systems.