The first interview is really a chance to put your best foot forward. First impressions count! Make sure to dress in business professional clothing without anything too flashy. Leave that leopard print mini at home, take it easy on the perfume or cologne, and keep it classic.


In your initial meeting the employer is trying to figure out two basic things. First, if you are capable of doing the job. Second, if you’re a good fit for their job, team and company culture. It’s the time to sell yourself, your qualifications and your personality.


Try to keep yourself focused on your experience as it relates to the position in front of you. Smile and give examples. Remember, you want them to leave knowing that you can do the job, you’re interested in the position and in working with their team.


Additionally, make sure to research the company beforehand. You want to come prepared with at least 3 questions. Visit their website for inspiration. When in doubt, ask the interviewer about their career journey like how long they’ve been there and why they enjoy working there.


Your main goal is to get to a second meeting, moving you one step closer to the offer. Leave topics like salary, bonuses and vacation time for later conversations.


Good luck!