As you look through your pile of applicants, it’s easy to dismiss recent college graduates due to their lack of work experience; however, there are many qualities that new grads have that would make them a good addition to your team. Seventy-five percent of employers are looking favorably at these qualities, leading them to plan on hiring recent grads according to a poll conducted by CareerBuilder.  This begs the question:  why are employers choosing to invest in the class of 2016.

1. Blank Slate: One benefit of hiring a recent college graduate is that they are essentially a blank slate. While they may be lacking work experience, they are able to join your team free of experiences that could taint their perspective of your company or industry. It’s also important to note that with a candidate who is a blank slate, you won’t have to compete with previous job training that may contradict your company’s methods and standards.

2. Continuous Learners: When you hire a candidate who has recently graduated from college, you are hiring someone who is motivated to continually learn and educate themselves. As a result of 16+ years of formal education, these candidates have learning engrained in their routine, making training and learning about their new position a logical progression. In addition, these candidates are likely to be open to instruction and constructive criticism after constantly being graded in their college courses.

3.Energy and Enthusiasm: Candidates who are fresh out of school are ready and enthusiastic to start working and chipping away at their student loans. While candidates with years of “real world” experience may have a “been there, done that” attitude, recent grads are still in the honeymoon period which brings a new energy and enthusiasm to your company.

4. Diverse Ideas: New grads are often coming from learning environments where diversity of thinking and ideas are taught and encouraged. Your company could benefit from hiring a candidate with a fresh perspective and who brings something new and different to the team.

5.Cutting Edge: Hiring someone fresh out of college can be beneficial since they are up to date on the most recent technology and methods in their field. While this does not replace the need for training, they will come with knowledge that will help make the transition easier. Who knows, they may even teach you a thing or two!

6. Location: If your company is based in the Seattle area, you don’t have to look much further than your backyard for capable college grads to join your team. With a city full of opportunities for higher education, Seattle is a hot bed for potential job candidates. The U.S. News & World Report’s 2017 list of best national universities ranked the University of Washington as 16th among public universities. Seattle Pacific University was also recognized on this list. Not only is it convenient to have these institutions in the same area that you are hiring, but it is also a smart move to invest in a graduate from one of these competitive universities.

The next time that you are hiring and find yourself passing on the candidates who lack extensive work experience, shift your focus to their education and what a recent college grad can bring to your company.