If you are currently unemployed, you have likely been encouraged by friends and family to apply for as many jobs as possible. “It’s a numbers game”, they say. While this sounds like a good idea initially, upon further consideration this belief may actually hinder your chances of landing the right job. Landing the right job is more about strategy, and less about statistics, as their advice would imply.

The following are just four of the reasons that playing the numbers game with applications isn’t necessarily the answer to your unemployment woes.

  • You risk losing sight of your career goals.

When you play the numbers game in your job search, you risk losing sight of your career goals as you scramble to quickly land a job- any job. Rather than applying for every job opening that you come across, take some time to research and apply for jobs that align with your long term career goals and keep you on your desired career path.  

  • You are wasting your valuable time (and theirs).

Playing the numbers game typically equates to applying for as many jobs as possible, regardless of your interest in the job opportunity itself. As such, you are increasing the chance of receiving a job offer that you will be forced to decline because it isn’t the right fit. Be intentional with how you use your time and only apply for positions that you are truly interested in.

  • You will likely make a bad impression.

Again, submitting an application for a job with little to no consideration for the job itself will not impress a recruiter or hiring manager. The “one size fits all” resume that you are likely submitting due to the quantity of jobs that you are applying for will quickly be discarded and the opportunity to make a good first impression will have been wasted. Companies want to see a resume that reflects research in the position and interest in the company. Unfortunately, an inadequate resume will likely prevent you from being hired for the position.

  • You should be looking for the RIGHT job, not just A job.

While you will likely land a job if you play the numbers game, you are also taking a risk. You are risking making the wrong career choice in your hurry to secure a job and start earning a steady paycheck. While it is important to find a source of income, don’t allow yourself to get so caught up in playing the numbers game that you ignore the warning signs that a job isn’t right for you.  

Yes, you should absolutely submit as many applications as it takes when you are looking for employment. No, you should not blindly submit resumes to companies that you have no real desire to work for. The next time that you are told that your job search is a numbers game, remember that it is quality over quantity that will land you the right job.