You’ve got the qualifications, you’ve nailed the interview, you love the company, and you’ve got the job! That’s great; now it’s time to work.

It is far too easy to overlook your workspace with the stress of starting a new job or hustling at the job you love. However, a well laid out desk can not only save you time but it can allow you to produce your best work possible. By making the extra effort you will be able to streamline your processes, which can boost your career in the long run. A recent study produced by Princeton University concluded that a cluttered space can draw your attention away from your focus, and can limit your ability to process information. We’ve put together a few guidelines for keeping a functional workspace.


Be practical

Browsing through Pinterest can yield tons of photo worthy works spaces.


Super cute, right? Definitely. However, this cute vintage phone waste tons of valuable real estate on your desk- it isn’t a functional item. When you’re working with a 2×3’ surface, you’re probably going to want to minimize your display pieces. Additionally, when working with aesthetics you want to match your company culture. You can certainly add elements of your personality into your space, but it is best to be consistent with the vibe of your office. You want to stick out for the quality of your work and your stellar attitude.


Be Efficient

Revamping your space will only be worthwhile if you maintain function over form.


Keep your most used items within close proximity, and keep these items organized. Select your favorite items- and get rid of the rest. If you use pilot pens, don’t clog your penholder with BIC. Small changes will have a huge impact, and will allow you to make the most of your space. Allow for a designated space to get disorderly- this curbs messiness and doesn’t allow for a mess to take over everything. Keep yourself motivated and remind yourself of why you love your job. A card from a client or a photo of your proud family can rejuvenate your spirit after something doesn’t go as planned.


Be Consistent

Establish a new organizational plan and stick to it.


If you create a place to put all hard-copy actions items- put them there. If organizational systems are too complex and you won’t follow through they’ll end up being just another waste of your space. Clean up your work space before you go home every night so that you can start the next day with a clean slate. Set yourself up for long-term success by focusing on goals (ie: maintaining a tidy workspace) over tools (ie: digitalizing your workspace when a paper planner is really functional for you) so that you can enjoy your workspace.

Let us know what your favorite organizational tools are!