November isn’t just a month for giving thanks, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and turkey, it’s the time of year that many men choose to give their razors a break to support a cause. In case you aren’t familiar, this month is known as No Shave November. While the name may be deceiving, it isn’t just an excuse to become lazy in your grooming habits. Since 2009, No Shave November has been bringing awareness and raising money for cancer prevention, research and education.

It sounds great in theory, but you may be left questioning how letting your facial hair grow freely for 30 days and a cause like cancer research are linked. Simply put, this month encourages us to embrace our hair (which many cancer patients lose), and donate the money that would typically be spent on keeping a close shave to charities supporting cancer awareness and research.

If you are hoping to embrace your facial hair this November, here’s a few pointers to take into consideration.


  • Rather than stopping your daily shaving routine without explanation, educate others in the office about No Shave November and the cause behind the beard. By letting your manager and coworkers know your intentions in advance, you can avoid some sideways glances around the office as your facial hair grows from a five o’clock shadow to a Tom Hanks in Castaway beard.


  • Use your powers of persuasion to convince coworkers to join you in supporting this cause. Go to and set up a fundraising team. Better yet, have an office wide competition to see who can raise the most funds. Even those who aren’t comfortable growing a beard can still participate by donating and raising money for their team.


  • Keep in mind that while shaving may have taken a break, hygiene doesn’t have to. Keep your facial hair trimmed and clean to maintain a professional look. According to, grooming and trimming doesn’t break any No Shave November rules. Luckily, they understand that not everyone has a job that encourages wild, untamed facial hair.


This November, consider becoming a part of a movement that celebrates letting your facial hair grow in support of those with cancer who are losing theirs. Better yet, take this month one step further by getting everyone in your office involved!