real world seattle

If you are on social media, chances are that you have read the rumors that the infamous MTV reality show, “The Real World”, may be heading back to Seattle for their 32nd season. After reading this, I began to wonder what it is about the Seattle area that would bring this show to Seattle twice since it originally aired in 1992. After some research, I found that Seattle attracts one of the show’s target audiences, recent college grads. This demographic is flocking to Seattle because it is a city that has opportunities for those with higher education, a decrease in unemployment, and living in Seattle provides a unique experience that recent college grads are attracted to.
Like many of the cast members who have been featured on “The Real World”, a major concern that recent college graduates have is if they will be employed or if they will be living in their parents’ basements well into their adult lives. Thankfully, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has come out with some encouraging data for those college graduates entering the real world. The national unemployment rate of college grads over the age of 25 is 2.4%, which is impressive compared to the overall national unemployment rate of 4.9%. Seattle’s unemployment rate is even lower at 4.6%. This data, coupled with the statistic from the U.S. Census Bureau that Seattle’s population of people 25 and older with at least a Bachelor’s degree is 57.9%, is evidence that there are employment opportunities for college graduates and those college graduates are choosing Seattle.
Like the producers of “The Real World”, college grads aren’t just looking at statistics when considering moving to the Seattle area. They want to make sure that the vibe of the area is going to be a good fit. An important part of Seattle’s culture is being an environment that encourages growth. From startups to big name companies, Seattle is always looking forward to what is next. Some forward thinking companies that call the Seattle area home include: Zillow, Amazon, Starbucks, Expedia, and OfferUp. Seattle also offers a wide variety of activities and experiences outside of the workplace. For those who enjoy arts and cultural events, there are museums, concerts and exhibits all over the city. If the outdoors are more their style, there is fishing, hiking, camping and sailing in the Seattle area. And who could forget about the Seattle Seahawks, the Sounders and the Mariners? Sports, arts and activities are what make living in Seattle unique and attractive to college grads anxious to experience the real world.
After researching why Seattle is a smart choice for college graduates wanting to start their careers, I think that it is the perfect city to host the newest season of “The Real World”. Not only would it highlight the unique culture of Seattle, but it would also encourage college graduates to seek jobs in an area that has opportunities.