A recent article in The Seattle Times showcased that Seattle boasts the nation’s highest population of individuals 25 and older with a college degree. You can see on the map below that a whopping 63% of Seattle’s population over 25 have a four-year college degree. In addition, 73% of Seattle millennials have earned a four-year degree. Although not all of these college educated adults are Seattle natives, they have all made a smart move and chosen to reside in the Emerald City after earning their degree. If you are currently a college senior who is struggling to pin down post-graduation plans, you will want to consider making Seattle your first stop upon entering the real world. You may be surprised to find that Seattle is more than rain and the home of Starbucks. What we have to offer explains why so many college grads call Seattle home.

Higher wages: As of January 1st this year, companies in Seattle with over 500 employees globally were required to raise their minimum wage to $16 per hour. Although this does reflect the high cost of living in Seattle, you can commute and still see the benefits of the increase in minimum wage. Afterall, those student debts aren’t going to pay themselves off.

Low unemployment rate: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the unemployment rate in Seattle was 3.4% in December of 2018. While this isn’t the lowest that it has been in recent years, it is great news for job seekers. We are currently experiencing a job market that favors job seekers. If you still haven’t secured your first post grad job yet, Seattle’s low unemployment rate reflects a lack of unemployed candidates looking for employment opportunities.

 Best place for businesses and careers: Did you know that Seattle topped Forbes list of Best Places for Businesses and Careers? A combination of the cost of business, job growth, education and population all factored into this title, and should encourage you to start your professional life in our career-oriented city.

Fastest growing city: Last May, census data showed that Seattle is the nation’s fastest growing big city this decade! Since 2010, Seattle’s population has grown 18.7%, with Austin, Texas close behind. As you know, with growth comes new ideas, new business and more opportunities. Now is the time to become a part of our growing city!

If you are debating what your next move should be, strongly consider the benefits of starting your professional career in Seattle. However, if you don’t know where to start your job search, the recruiters at Business Talent Solutions are ready to answer your questions and help you jumpstart your career.