In late October, Forbes and Sperling’s Best Places came out with their list of America’s Coolest Cities. After considering areas such as diversity, net migration, population between the ages of 25-34, reliable mass transit, and recreational options, Seattle was chosen as the second coolest city in America. Though Seattle didn’t secure first place, it did boast the most impressive coffee and beer selection. Go ahead and draw your own conclusions about that information, but I’m going to chalk it up to Seattleites enjoying a good cup of coffee to start their day, and a cold glass of beer after a long day at work.

Beverages aside, what makes Seattle such a cool city to work in?


Transportation: Whether you live in the heart of Seattle, or further out in the suburbs, you have options when it comes to transportation. Ferry boats are a unique choice for those who enjoy a scenic morning commute, while biking or walking to work are both health conscious and environmentally friendly options. If public transportation is more your style, many Seattle companies offer Orca cards that serve as bus passes across King County. Or better yet, combine these modes of transportation to create a commute that works for you. For example: utilize the bus system or ferry to get into the city, and finish your commute on bike or on foot.

Education: Staying open to new ideas and finding ways to expand your knowledge is important if you want to advance your career. Working in Seattle, you are surrounded by opportunities to do just that. From courses at institutions like Seattle University and the University of Washington to conferences and continuing education classes, you can find learning opportunities that will benefit your career in Seattle.

Employment: Seattleites have every reason to feel confident about career opportunities in their city. In addition to Seattle’s unemployment rate being lower than the national average at 3.8% this fall, companies around Seattle are always looking for talented, hardworking individuals with new and creative ideas.

Work/life balance: Seattle not only made the list of coolest cities, but last month it also made Glassdoor’s list of 10 Best Cities for Work-Life Balance. This comes as no surprise to Seattleites who fill their evenings and weekends enjoying everything that the Emerald City has to offer. From hiking in the lush forests to attending a Seahawks, Sounders or Mariners game, Seattle’s recreational activities encourage employees to enjoy their time away from work.


Though coffee and beer are two cool staples in the Seattle area, this city has much more to offer those who choose to work here.