This week, the Business Talent Solutions team is gearing up for a professional photoshoot with Seagriff Photography. As I prepare to say “cheese” until my cheeks hurt, I have realized that there is a lot of planning on the subject’s part to ensure quality professional photos. Showing up, smiling and letting the photographer work his or her magic simply isn’t adequate; rather, it is necessary to consider various aspects that contribute to your professional appearance.

If you are planning on having professional photos taken for your social media, LinkedIn, or business website, the following are some tips that we will be utilizing this week and you should as well!



Just like picture day in school, thought should be put into what you are going to wear for your professional pictures. If fashion isn’t your area of expertise, have no fear! Just take a look at the following tips to get you started:

  • Limit prints on your clothing. Even though I LOVE houndstooth, plaid, stripes, floral and even polka dots, I have come to accept that wearing a print in my picture could result in a moiré effect or draw attention away from my face. It is also important to take a critical look at prints on clothing and determine if the print is a fad that will quickly change from fashionable to dated before you have the opportunity to have your picture taken again.
  • The attire that you choose should reflect the culture of the company that you work for or the industry that you hope to break into. If you work in (or are looking for work in) a more relaxed atmosphere or field, a nice shirt is appropriate, while wearing a suit is a better choice for many office positions. When in doubt, stick to more conservative and classic outfit options.
  • While a pop of color is fun and can show off your personality, don’t overpower your picture with every color of the rainbow. Choose one article of clothing to be the statement piece and let the rest of your outfit compliment it. For example, if there is a bright shirt that you love, wear it with a neutral (black, grey, navy) suit. Similarly, if you are wearing a bold tie, make sure that your shirt and suit are more neutral.


Although it may be tempting to hit up the salon for a haircut or color in the days before your professional photo is taken, don’t. Not only does cutting your hair too close to picture day limit the time you have to figure out how to style your new do, but it also doesn’t give your hair time to grow out if it ends up shorter than you had planned. Also, coloring your hair within days of your photoshoot does not allow much time to get it fixed if the color isn’t what you had envisioned. While your hair may never look like it belongs in a Pantene advertisement, remember that it should look clean, maintained and professional.


When a new client walks into your office, you want them to easily recognize you based on your professional photo. These photos are often used on websites to help clients match a face to a name, an email address or a voice on the phone. They may also be used on your LinkedIn profile where potential employers will be researching you before interviews. Make sure that your makeup reflects what you look like on a typical day in the office- slightly elevated, but by no means should you look like you are dressed up for a night out on the town.


  • To wear glasses or not to wear glasses, that is the question. Well, it’s the question that I am currently asking myself anyways. After all, it would be easy to just slip them off for the picture, right? Yes and no. I could take them off for the photo; however, I would need to do so well in advance to avoid those pesky red marks on the bridge of my nose. Plus, I wear glasses 80% of the time so wearing them in my photo would make me more recognizable. Before ditching your glasses, consider how often you wear them. If you wear them throughout the workday, leaving them on may be the best choice for you!
  • Like your clothing, your jewelry should be an addition, not a distraction. Keep your jewelry choices classic, simple and timeless. Avoid anything too large, flashy or trendy.
  • The trick behind picking a tie for a photo is choosing one that contrasts with the color of your shirt. If your tie and your shirt are too similar in color or tone, you run the risk of the tie blending in when you want the fact that you made the effort to wear a tie to stand out.


As you can see, grabbing a wrinkled outfit out of your closet the morning of a photoshoot simply isn’t an option. Yes, there are many other ways to prepare for professional photos, but these basics should get you started in the right direction. Stay tuned to see how our team’s pictures turn out!