The future is now- you place your Starbucks order in the elevator from your phone, have Amazon deliver paper plates to your house in less than an hour, and interview for jobs without ever meeting with someone face-to-face.



This seems obvious, but for the sake of being thorough- but think about your location. Your interviewer is likely in their office and you want to set the same tone so that they can envision you working for them. Sitting in front of your beautifully curated gallery wall is distracting. If you can, set yourself up in front of a minimally decorated space. If this isn’t available to you check to see if your local library will reserve meeting/study spaces- in most cities you can book a room for an hour to interview. Additionally, you want to make sure that your meeting location will not have background noise, you certainly won’t seem prepared if your interviewer can hear your dog talking in the background.

Think about how you’d like to dress. This is especially tricky because you’re thinking about how you’ll look as a two-dimensional square surrounded by all of the distractions of your interviewer’s computer. Dress in solid colors, dark neutrals are usually a safe bet.

Finally, make sure your computer set-up is solid. You want to be fully charged, logged in (don’t forget your professional username- your first and last name are standard practice, please retire beachbabe74), and all elements of your machine are working- this means your camera and your microphone. Digital interviewing has dozens of different variables that can be more complex than your standard interview so we recommend allowing yourself an additional 30 minutes to prepare, just to make sure you are set-up.