As a fresh young grad, or a more experienced candidate looking for some change- the world is your oyster. While it is definitely a bold move to throw caution to the wind, sell your belongings, and board a bus to the opposite side of the country most of are naturally a little wary of making life altering decisions with little backup.


So, that brings us to the idea of creating a backup before you’re in town. Scour the map and pinpoint where you want to go (it seems like most of you are headed to Texas or Seattle ) and research your field there. If your new home has abundant job opportunities for your career trajectory then pack your bags- you’re moving out!

Because the recruiters at Business Talent Solutions have their fingers on the pulse of the Seattle job market- it is safe to say that Seattle is seeing more out of town applicants than ever before. We’ve compiled a list of how to find a job when you’re out of state.


Be available for interviews. Don’t rely on the digital age of Skype interviews, if scheduling an interview is complicated for your potential employer they will look to more streamlined processes first. Is there an equally qualified candidate that can interview tomorrow? They’re going to get the job before you can check your bags. Block out a week and try to schedule as many interviews as possible. Not only does this give you valuable face time with potential employers it also communicates that you are serious about the opportunity and are actively looking to relocate.

Establish a Network

Make connections as quickly as you can. Try joining your school’s alumni association and attend local events to start establishing a network of people in the area. While these kinds of events aren’t usually instantly successful they are part of casting a broad net. Connect with your local direct-placement recruiters (Hello, new Seattleites) to get their feel for the job market and how you might fit into it.

Utilize a Local Address

If you are away at school, graduating in the spring and hoping to find jobs in your home town, use your permanent address instead of your school address. More times than not out of town resumes are discarded because of the complicated logistics involved in not only interviewing, but actually having people in town and ready to start. If there are job openings now it is because there is a job to fill at current- not 3 months from now.


There are a variety of different techniques that you can utilize, but it is clear that the Seattle area is booming with new transplants- which makes it a far warmer climate for a new comer to jump into.