Have you ever heard the saying “April showers bring May flowers”? As you may have guessed, this phrase’s meaning is more profound than explaining the relationship between precipitation and plant growth. It is based on the idea that even something unpleasant like rain will eventually result in a favorable outcome, i.e. flowers.

This same logic can be applied to your job search. After all, what does toiling through filling out applications and editing your resume in April bring? With any luck, job offers in May! But does it really take a month to see results as the saying implies? The short answer is yes.


When you stop to consider all of the factors that go into hiring a new employee, it is apparent that you could absolutely be waiting a month to receive a job offer. Not only are employers often left scrambling to find coverage for the vacant position until a permanent replacement can be secured, but they are also tasked with posting the open position, reviewing resumes, selecting candidates to invite for an interview, and so on. All of this takes place before you are actually contacted to meet for an interview.

Interviews alone can take almost a month. According to a study conducted by Glassdoor in 2017, the average duration of the interview process in the United States is 23.8 days. In Seattle, that average was even higher at 26.3 days. During this time, employers are scheduling interviews, meeting with candidates, determining who will move on to a second round of interviews, and conferring with other team members to decide who should move forward.

Even after you have gone in for an interview, the hiring process continues. Offers are extended, negotiations take place, first choice candidates may decline and the employer is left to decide if they want to settle on their second choice or start the entire process again, background checks and drug screens may be conducted, start dates are determined, etc. All of which may extend the hiring process and prolong hearing back about the position you applied for.


If you are feeling disappointed that you are not hearing back from employers after painstakingly filling out applications and editing your resume, don’t. Remember that lack of immediate communication regarding a job does not mean that you are out of the running. It simply means that the hiring process takes time, and you may not see immediate results. Resist the urge to obsessively call your potential new employer, take a deep breath and keep applying until you land a job!