With December coming to a close, it’s time to reflect on the previous year and start making resolutions for the future. To ensure that your resolutions don’t fall in the 80% that U.S. News reported end up failing by the second week of February, make sure that you are setting attainable goals. If you are struggling to set realistic goals for your professional life in 2018, take a look at the following list of resolutions that any employee can make, and actually accomplish.


  1. Research Your Worth

Take some time over the next year to find out what you are worth. A simple search on PayScale’s website can help you find salaries of comparable positions in your industry and location. Knowledge is power, and knowing your worth will help you to make informed career decisions. You may be inspired to ask for a raise, look for new career opportunities, or have a new appreciation for your current salary.

  1. Add to Your Resume

Talk to upper level employees in your industry and determine what skills, training or educational opportunities are available that will help you become current and more marketable in your field. Give your employer a reason to give you a raise this year, or a prospective employer a reason to hire you over another candidate.

  1. Seek Regular Feedback

How many times did you seek feedback from your employer this year? Most employees wait for feedback from their manager rather than requesting it. Take the bull by the horns and ask for periodic feedback regarding your strengths, weaknesses and overall performance. Track this feedback throughout the year to see how your performance improves over time.

  1. Learn About Your Company

Do you work for a company without any knowledge of its history, company mission statement or goals? Take time over the next year to learn about your company so that you can incorporate those areas into your work.

  1. Get Organized

Why wait for spring to do a little cleaning? Make it your goal to keep your emails and the files on your computer organized, as well as clean your desk out regularly. These simple actions will help you to maintain a high level of productivity year-round.


As you are setting your attainable professional resolutions for 2018, remember that the purpose of these resolutions is to make yourself a more competent, productive and valuable employee.