Now that Thanksgiving is over, ‘tis the season- for holiday gift exchanges. If you are lucky enough to draw your office bestie’s name for Secret Santa or know your team’s sense of humor well enough to select the perfect crowd-pleasing gift, the holiday gift exchange is likely a treasured tradition. However, if you are new to a team and have not yet created those relationships with your coworkers, choosing the right gift can be stress inducing during a season that is meant to be full of cheer.

Whether you are new to a job and are unsure of how a gag gift will land with your new cohorts, or are just in a gift giving rut, the following Seattle based gifts are sure to spread holiday cheer for $20 or less!


For those who work in a stressful environment, gifts that can provide some relaxation are always appreciated. What better way to unwind after a long day at work than lighting an aromatic candle?

Check out Big Dipper Wax Works in Seattle to purchase seasonal scents or year-round favorites!


Speaking of relaxation and pleasant aromas, tea comes to mind. Even if you aren’t a tea connoisseur, the sweet smell of MarketSpice Tea’s Cinnamon-Orange tea is the perfect blend to make while enjoying the holidays. Simply pair some tea with a mug and a local treat for a quick gift that any of your coworkers will enjoy.  

Visit MarketSpice in Pike Place Market next to Pike Place Fish for their infamous Cinnamon-Orange Tea or visit to order some today!


If your office is full of coffee lovers but you want to avoid giving a gift card (although those are always a hit), consider buying a coffee mug and freshly roasted coffee beans from your favorite local cafe. Seattleites are known for their love of coffee, making this a sure hit at any holiday gift exchange.

If you haven’t already, buy from a local favorite, Caffé D’arte, at their Pioneer Square location, or order online at .


In addition to a freshly brewed cup of coffee, Seattleites love their chocolate. Consider giving your coworker a sweet gift this year by buying them some of Seattle Chocolate’s seasonal flavors. Candy Cane Crunch and Hot Buttered Rum are two of the flavors you won’t want to miss. Don’t forget to pick up some extra for yourself!

Check out Seattle Chocolate’s website to order online or find a location where they are sold.


Seattle’s nickname “The Emerald City” does not have to apply solely to the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. Bring some greenery into the office, and onto your coworker’s desk, by gifting a plant during your next office gift exchange. Not only are plants decorative, but they have also been known to reduce stress levels in the workplace.

Employees at Urban Earth Nursery in Seattle will help you to select the perfect plant to gift this holiday season.

As you are preparing for all of the upcoming Secret Santa and White Elephant gift exchanges over the next month, don’t let stress over what to buy dampen your holiday spirit. Instead, use this list to find local favorites that are sure to be a hit at any holiday party (without breaking the bank)!